This project arises from the need to inform peopleabout the history,technological advances and recommendations of the tablets oripadbecause veryfew know of the existence of this device and the few who know of them think that a tablet is better than a computer and that's not all desert.


A relatively new device that is


Practivo and portable
It has wireless connection, so lets see web pages, emails, social networking, news.
Thousands of applications that can be installed.
You can make calls (not all)


To work (report writing) is a bit difficult, especially if long reports.
The price is high.
It can not be modified, in saying this we mean that the features are almostalways the same, only some parameters several that are standard and can not be you who say, I put as an example only wants to put morememorable.
It becomes tedious and complicated, the use of this, if you need somethingmore than just see mail, social networks ...
Some of them is blocked so you can only set you what they recommend(The Iphone).
Although you will always have something laptop style folder, or a bagwhere it loads.
It's just an operating system and you can not change.


There is a new device, but rather has for years been the same but we canfind


You can choose and modify virtually any way you want, although portable, since nowadays most manufacturers let you buy directly from theirwebsites, allowing you to change most of their specifications.
Have a price range to choose very variable.
Excellent report writing, programming, complicated tasks.
It has a myriad of programs to be installed and operating systems (not all, Apple does not allow you to change your devices)


Is portable, yet not, you always find with some discomfort, if you try to use itin a different place at a desk (table).
It tends to be a bit heavy.
Cables, Chargers, always make your installation a bit tedious.


MediaPad 10 DHF, whose technical characteristics make it theworld's most powerful tablet. The Huawei tablet expectactivas exceeds even the most optimistic about the iPad3. Let's review some specifications: It has a quad core processor 1.5 GHz K3V2 developed byHuawei itself, which according to its makers would be 30 timesfaster than the Nvidia Tegra 3. It also has a whopping 2GB ofRAM, a rarity so far on a tablet, and additional graphics processor with 3D support. To this we add WiFi and Bluetoothconnectivity, GPS and integrated HDMI port and microUSB. But the icing on the cake falls to the impressive 10 inch Full HDresolution of 1920 × 1200. It also includes dual-chamber, frontand rear, capable of shooting HD, and operating systemAndroid Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes it an interestingalternative in the market for tablets.

XPS 15

Dell launches its newest computer the xps 15 which halved the history of this company and it's a great start because of their compponentes and best of all, the pressures enctramos a very accessible components Windows ® 7 Home Premium 64Bit in Spanish Elemental Silver Aluminum Intel ® Core ™ i5-2450m Second Generation (3MB Cache, 2.50 GHz) Microsoft ® Office Starter 2010 - In Spanish 1 Year - Protection against Accidents + site warranty. 4GB DDR3 Single Channel Shared Memory 750GB SATA (7200 RPM) NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 525M 1GB Optimus technology these are the features of this computer databases but remember that you can build your own dell computer and this new team is no exception
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